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Illinois Marriage Records

Illinois an open record state. This means that it’s possible simple for individuals to obtain a wide array of different records including birth, death, divorce and Marriage. In Illinois, the Department of Public Health’s Vital Records department maintains said records but does not issue copies. Illinois Marriage Records maintained by the Vital Records department date back to 1916. This means that individuals will be able to obtain marriage records provided they happened between 1916 and the present day.

While Illinois is an open record state, meaning individuals will be able to obtain said records, there are some requirements. First and foremost, like many other states, individuals looking to obtain copies of Illinois Marriage Records must either be named on the records or directly related to those named on said records. Furthermore, while the Department of Public Health’s Vital Records department maintains these records they do not actually issue copies of them, as mentioned above. Instead, individuals are asked to seek out the county clerk of the county in which the marriage occurred. While this means the fees associated with seeking out Illinois Marriage Records will vary from county to county, the information required is largely the same.

Marriage Records Illinois

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Much like other states, Illinois Marriage Records require several different pieces of information along with the initial request. This information includes, but is not limited to, the names of parties involved in the marriage, the date on which the marriage occurred along the county and venue in which the marriage occurred. Furthermore, individuals seeking Illinois Marriage Records will also be asked to provide information regarding their relation to the individuals involved in the marriage along with the reason a copy is being requested. Typically, but not always, each Illinois counties will allow individuals to submit requests both through the phone and via the US Postal Service. Furthermore, it’s also asked that individuals wait at least 30 days before inquiring about the status of their request due to the high number of requests made daily.

Office of Vital Records contact info:
Address: Arizona Office of Vital Records
1818 West Adams
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone: (602) 506-3360

Illinois Marriage License Public Records

Like many other states, Illinois Marriage Records are not impossible to come by but it’s also not very simple. Much of this hassle spawns from the fact that individuals must seek out the Vital Records office within each individual county. Due to this, it’s virtually impossible to know what fees and information is required without making lengthy phone calls. Luckily, there are many different online service providers that look to negate most if not all of this hassle. Not only do they take the work out of finding the county specific information for you but they also accept requests 24/7 and typically return results within minutes. Backed by a full-refund guarantee these online service providers are quickly becoming the method of choice for obtaining Illinois Marriage Records. Give one a try here. Order a professional Marriage Records Search with Archives today!