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Henry County Marriage Records

The reason that marriage is important not just to the couple who did get marry, but also to everyone around them lies in the fact that marriage is something that would change the status of a person. Marriages attaches two person together as husband and wife, but it also gives them certain rights and obligations that are expected to be observed by the whole world. This is one of the reasons why a person whose marriage is still in legal existence cannot get married by fleeing to a different jurisdiction. This is where marriage records like Henry County Marriage Records come in.

Marriage Records Henry County are the official records of a marriage, and as official records, they are considered as the best evidence that one could present in order to prove the existence of the marriage. This is highlighted by the fact that there are jurisdictions in the world that would accept the mere existence of the record as prima facie proof of the existence of the marriage, though note that the absence of a marriage record does not mean that there is no marriage as it is possible that the records got lost.

Marriage Records Henry County

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Public records cannot actually be taken out of the place where they are kept, but copies of Henry County Marriage License Records are available from a number of sources, though in general, there are two levels where such copies may be requested and obtained from. The first of these would be at the local level through the probate court records division. The reason that this is the best place to search for the records is because this is the place that issued the license in the first place. of course, one must be aware where the actual license was issued from because the jurisdictions of probate courts are local and limited. They would not have copies of records issued in other jurisdictions. The procedure to follow is request in person, which means that the person who wants the copy would have to go to the probate court and make the request there in person.

Georgia Marriage License Public Records are also available at the state level through the office of vital records of the Georgia Department of Health. The procedure at this level is one that would not require the person who wants the copy to go to the location, but it would take some time as it is mail based, and the office can only act once they have actually received the accomplished request form that anyone can download from their website. Note that the form must be complete when sent and must be accompanied by a money order or check for ten dollars which is the basic fee, plus an additional five dollars for every additional copy of the exact same record requested at the same time.

Finally, note that one could also requisition marriage records online through the use of online databases. Though mostly privately owned, these databases have substantially the same reach as the government databases and may actually be faster given that they are internet based. They also mostly charge only the most minimum of fees for the use of their services.

Marriage Records Henry County
Follow the procedure given below at the local level

  • Head over to the probate court and locate their records division.
  • At the records division, make the request for the records.
  • The staff member on duty would ask you for some information regarding the record that you want to see. Answer as accurately as possible to limit the search parameters.
  • Using their won database, the clerk would then search for all records matching the criteria that you had given.
  • Note that there may be multiple returns, so you may he asked to look into the results to identify the record that you want.
  • The clerk would then produce the records that you had indicated.
  • Once you are sure that these are the records that you want, you may ask for copies of the same.
  • Before the copies would be released, you must pay the copying fee.

Henry County Marriage License Records

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