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Harrison County Marriage Records

As something that follows the person no matter where said person may go, marriage is something that the entire world is concerned about even if the whole world do not even know who the person is. In general, a person could be married many times in his or her life, but he or she could not be married to more than one person at any given point in his or her life. Thus, marriage is something that needs to be disproven if there is an allegation that the would-be bride or groom is actually married. The best way to prove or disprove marriage is through the use of official records like Harrison County Marriage Records.

As they are public records, Marriage Records Harrison County are supposed to be available to the public at all times. There are few requirements that must be met, if there are actually requirements, and the records are generally presumed to be truthful as they are recorded under the umbrella of the presumption of regularity of business. Thus, a person who would claim that the marriage record contains false information would have the burden of proving his or her allegation, and this could only be done through the use of other official records.

County Marriage Records Harrison

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Under the law, copies of Harrison County Marriage License Records may only be found at the county level, and only at the county where the marriage was solemnized. There is thus the need to be aware on the part of the person who is searching for the records to know where the marriage was celebrated, but this does not mean that there could be no resources at the state level. Abstracts of marriage records are located at the state level and in cases where the person who is making the search is not aware where he or she should being the search, he or she could resort to these abstracts in order to limit the search parameters, at least, geographically speaking. At the same time, the state officials could refer the searcher to the appropriate local agencies where the records are.

Copies of Ohio Marriage License Records may only be obtained from the local level, and this would be through the probate court records division. The probate court is the entity that issued the license in the first place, thus, it makes sense that they would have copies of the records in question. Unlike other counties, there is only one method being used in Harrison County when one wants to request for copies of marriage records, and this would be to ask for the records in person. Although it may seem to involve too much work because the person making the request would first have to go to the office, note that when a request in person is made, the request is typically granted within the same day. There may, however, be circumstances where the person making the request would be asked to return some other day, though this is considered to be rare.

Another source of marriage records would be online databases that are made possible through the internet. Faster, more efficient, easily accessible, and mostly free to use, these online databases are accessible because they depend on the internet, thus, they could be used from just about anywhere there is a substantial internet connection.

Marriage Records Harrison County
There is only one step that is being used when requesting for marriage records at the local level, and the procedure is given below

  • Head over to the probate court
  • At the records division, inform the clerk or staff member on duty of your intention to request for marriage records.
  • The clerk or staff would ask you some questions regarding your search, and with the assistance of their database, would locate all records that would match your search criteria.
  • Once you have located the records using the database, the clerk or staff member would produce the same for you.
  • You could then ask for copies of the records.
  • Pay the required copying fee before claiming your copies of the records.

Harrison County Marriage License Records

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