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Hancock County Marriage Records

Hancock County marriage records can be retrieved via electronic means and the vintage way of doing it like having it done manually. The only difference between the two though is that you will not get a certified copy of the marriage records via the digital procedure. If you wanted an original copy of the record you must visit the County’s Probate Court and talk to the staff about what you intend to accomplish. Hence, the computer-based search is most likely utilized for genealogical research purposes and not for commercial or court proceeding uses.

The Probate Division will definitely assist you with your needs for legal information as they are mandated by law to update the marriage records Hancock County and provide them to anybody who formally makes a request for it. It should be made available 1 or 2 weeks after the wedding ceremony, the person who performed the marriage is responsible for the submission of such documents to the Probate Court. In the past, only the owner of the record, legal representative and family members will have direct access to such files. Today, if your reason to obtain it is valid, the court will grant you to view it. But if you are going to use it for something else like a black propaganda then you will be legally charged for doing so.

County Marriage Records Hancock

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The records can either be retrieved by way of a mail request or in-person request. The mail request has been done for quite a long time already and it is proven to be very credible a form of request. The first thing you should do is secure a copy of the application form which you can download online through the court’s website or pick it up in person and fill it out right there and then. The form has to be completed in its entirety or else the staff will not begin processing your request. The fee to obtain one is $2.00 per document, plus $.50 for each additional copy of the marital report. Hancock County marriage license records should be on its way to being recovered by anybody who follows the guidelines and instructions given by the Records Management.

The marriage license records and the certified marriage records should be both documented and acquired at the same office. The procedure to have them is the same as well the fees which the requestors should be paying for. It is paid using cash, checks or money order. Other forms of payment will not be accepted as per management’s policy. Also, the requesting parties just need to present at least one valid ID to be able to move forward with the request. The identification will show that you are a legitimate citizen in Hancock and therefore you are eligible to perform the application.

With the development of modern technology today, State of Ohio marriage records are not only possessed through a government agency. On this note, an online records provider is now the trend among the general public because it is much easier and more systematic to go through. Doing this way results to a more instant retrieval of information which you can leverage for whatever purposes they may serve.

Marriage Records Hancock County
How to obtain copies of Hancock marriage records:

  • County Probate Court provides the records via digital and manual ways
  • You need to show some personal documents to prove your legal residency in the county
  • Fill out the records application form in order to proceed with your request
  • Pay an amount of $2.00 per document plus $.50 for each extra copy of it
  • Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope to complete a mail request application
  • Turn-around time would be 2 to 3 weeks

Hancock County Marriage License Records

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