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Geauga County Marriage Records

The Geauga County marriage records or certificates are forwarded by the person who performed the ceremony to the County Probate Court as mandated by law. It should be available in 1 to 2 weeks’ time for various uses. The clerk of court will be receiving and will take care of your request and see to it that you turned in all the necessary requirements in order to go ahead with the search. It should be hassle-free to go search or request for a copy of your marriage certificate while it is kind of complicated and tedious if you are to make an application to seek for the record of another person.

As of present, the Probate Court has now gathered the said records from 1973 up to these days and that’s a lot of documents that you can procure at the said office. Other offices allowed to compile the same type of information are the county library, genealogy society, and other agencies which give high regard to compiling such legal data. However, the Probate Court holds a more in-depth and complete set of data that you can generate for whatever purposes you want to use them for. Marriage records Geauga County certainly can be pulled-up with the government resources available for the local residents nowadays.

County Marriage Records Geauga

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The records can be obtained in two ways either through mail request or through a walk-in service. Mail request is done by sending out a completed request form which includes a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with the fee which usually costs $2.00 for a certified copy of it. You can get more copies at $.50 each if you want that. The Geauga County marriage license records are retrievable in the same way as well. Fill-out the form, comply with the pre-requisites and submit to the Probate court for review. They will inform you if your application is not approved and will explain to you as to why it was rejected.

Fees could be changing over time depending on the decision of the records management. In that case, you can for sure call the office concerned to ask if there has been any change in regards to the payments which should be paid in return for the information which you are seeking to have. But, of course you must be eligible to do the request by showing to the clerk of court that you are a legal resident in the county and that you have the documents to present to prove that you are indeed a registered citizen in Geauga.

There is more that the public can expect for today when it comes to requesting for the marriage records Ohio. As a matter fact, it can now be accomplished from home or everywhere provided that there is connection to the Internet. This is the time when you are able to discover the truth in an instant without the need to tap the services of a third party. You can do it all by yourself because experts made it to develop user-friendly online repository in search for the marital reports in Geauga, Ohio.

Marriage Records Geauga County
How to obtain a copy of marriage record in Geauga:

  • The Probate Court is the central repository for the marital reports
  • Local residents must be able to show proof of legal residency by showing documents with current photos and notarized signature
  • The fee is $2.00 per certified copy, plus $.50 for every additional copy of the report
  • Mail request should be done by submitting the completed request form along with the charge and then you include a self-addressed, stamped envelope
  • The results of your request are delivered in 1 to 2 business days

Geauga County Marriage License Records

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