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Galveston County Marriage Records

Marriage is perhaps one of the most emotional, pivotal and very important milestones in an individual’s lifetime. Because it is that significant, the government has made sure that it is recorded; thus the marriage records. Certificates on marriages are vital records and vital records in Texas are housed in the Bureau of Vital Statistics, Department of State Health Services. Such entity serves the central repository for birth and death certificates, marriage and marriage dissolution archives, and adoption files. If you wish to obtain a copy of any Galveston County marriage records, only verification letters and index searches are provided by the state office.

This means that certified copies of marriage records Galveston County, since they are not available at the Bureau of Vital Records, can only accessed through the local county clerk. The Galveston County Clerk’s Office provides record retrieval services from 8 am to 5 pm during weekdays. Every marriage document costs $20. This is non-refundable even if the marriage file you appealed for is not found.

Marriage Records Galveston County

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Hence, when doing searches for Galveston County marriage license records, it is highly advised that you provide the exact information as much as you can. Doing so will help narrow down search results thereby locating the document you need faster and easier for both the agency and the requester. In case the record you appealed for is not found in any way, you be given or issued a document stating that the marriage document you wish to peruse is not in their files.

In filing a formal request for marriage decrees in Galveston Texas, an application form – which you can either obtain online from the County Clerk’s website or personally get from their office – has to be completed with all the particulars requisite. It must show the details of the event as well as that of the person requesting for the document. Full names of the couple, date and county where event transpired, the county where the marriage license was obtained, the requester’s name and address, contact number, his or her relationship to the couple, and the reason for the perusal are information that must be provided in the ‘request to access’ form. Once the form is completed, mail the form to the Office of the Clerk in Galveston County along with the $20 fee. Marriage certificates in Texas cost $20 a piece. This is non-refundable though even if the document filed an entreaty for is not found. Wait for about 10 – 15 business days to get the results of your record search.

For a way convenient and faster process, conduct the record search for such Texas marriage license public record over the Web through alternative repositories. There is truly nothing to fret as these independent online record providers have a state-wide database which contains all the information you need. Also, because the transaction is done online with just a computer and an Internet connection handy, it is cheaper and very practical. Just make sure that the record provider you are eyeing on is trustworthy enough by doing a bit of background search first. This will help ensure the accuracy, validity and the reliability of the documents you will obtain from them.

Marriage Records Galveston County
To retrieve any Galveston County marriage record in Texas, follow the outlined steps below:

  • Know which type of marriage document you wish to obtain
  • Download the Application for Copy of Document from the Orange County Clerk’s online portal
  • To get a marriage verification letter, visit the Texas Department of Health then fill it out with all the necessary details asked: details of the marriage as well as the requester’s personal information
  • Please specify your relationship to the subjects and the reason for such request
  • Indicate how many copies you want to get and prepare a fee of $20 for each copy

Galveston County Marriage License Records

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