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Franklin County Marriage Records

Franklin County marriage records can be retrieved at the county court and to the respective records offices in the towns, cities and villages under the said county. Such records can be ordered in two methods either via mail or in-person. However, with the presence of the computers today, doing the searches at the government agencies can be done paperless simply because the records were already uploaded into a computer database and that all you have to do is print to retrieve the information which you are looking for.

But for those who still prefer the old ways may do so even with the modernized way of locating marriage records Franklin County. As for the in-person request, the court is open between 8:00am to 4:30pm and is closed during the holidays. The fee is $1.00 per document; if you would need to get more copies then you will have to pay more. The staff will inform you the exact amount you pay for the extra service that you are asking them to do. Just provide the office with the full names of the groom and the bride and the date of marriage. If you don’t have information about the date you can just give them the approximate year of the wedding.

County Marriage Records Franklin

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On other note, if you opt to send your request via mail you must do all the paper work. First, you need to secure a copy of the records request form and fill it out completely. Second, supply the complete names of the couple. Third, provide your phone number so that the staff can contact you when your request is finished. Fourth, pay an amount of $2.00 per copy in cash or money order. When it’s all done, submit the application through self-addressed stamped envelope to the court’s office. The turn-around time takes weeks if the details you supplied are not enough or if you are requesting for an in-depth results of the said records.

Franklin County marriage license records can also be ordered at the county probate court. The procedure is more or less the same when you are trying to pull-up the marriage records. The key to obtaining such copies is to make sure that you are eligible in doing the request. Otherwise, your application will only be rejected if you are found to be ineligible for some reason like for instance if you are not a legitimate or registered citizen in Franklin, Ohio. Valid government identification should suffice your appeal to acquire the marital details of a person.

However, you cannot just procure somebody else’s marital records without the consent of the owner of it or permission from the officiating court itself. In this case, you are more likely to hire a legal representative to help you retrieve such marital reports. The good thing these days is that these marriage records Ohio can at this point be downloaded at home for a corresponding fee. The cost is guaranteed to be reasonable in return for the quick retrieval of such vital records. It’s all up to the requestors now whether they explore the modern method of doing the search or stick with the traditional procedure.

Marriage Records Franklin County
How to get a copy of marriage record in Franklin:

  • Visit the County Probate Court to process your request
  • The fee is $1.00 per document which is paid through cash, certified check, cashier’s check, money order or attorney’s check
  • Request can be done either mail or walk-in procedure
  • When you do the mail request you make sure that you send it through a self-addressed stamped envelope
  • Processing time is 2 to 3 weeks, it could be completed earlier if there are no predicaments along the way

Franklin County Marriage License Records

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