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Erie County Marriage Records

The County Clerk’s office is the official database for the Erie County marriage records as per mandate of the existing law in New York. The local officials are really into upgrading and improving their capabilities in managing over the marriage reports in Erie to the point that it is going to be very hassle-free for the residents to do the request. They have been expanding the base of available data related to marital documents. As a matter of fact, they were able to make the public do the records request via digital means through computers with access to the Internet.

To order for a copy of Marriage Records Erie County, the requestor must mail a written request addressed to the county clerk. Mail request is the only option they have at the moment, phone calls will not be allowed at all. So, along with your mail request you must supply the details about the subject including the index number of the document, type of record sought, filing date, and the complete name of the person of interest. As per the provision of the law, if you only need abstract information about the record then it can only be used for genealogical purposes and not for other things like court use or something else.

County Marriage Records Erie

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If you are to request for a copy of the marriage record of the deceased then you must have your application notarized before a law office as part of the standard procedure. Otherwise, your request will not be honored simply due to non-compliance to the policy imposed by the office concerned. You can either pay for the service upon submitting the request or during pick up time at the Clerk’s office. It can only be paid through money order or by check. Certified copies will cost $5.20 covering 8 pages already. If you want extra copies of it then you must pay $0.65 for each. But if you are looking for really old Erie County Marriage License Records like prior to 1988 you will be asked to pay a very small amount of fee. Generally, after 1988 you be charged at $5.00 or more depending on how many copies you need and how much amount of data you requested for.

When the search is completed, the documents are only available through pick-up. Hence, you make sure that you indicate your phone number on the request so that the office can call you as soon as the results are ready. It should be that handy when looking up for such pieces of information. If you rather want to make use of the clerk’s computer database then you can certainly do so. Just ask for technical assistance from the office staff to walk you through the entire online steps.

The way the State Of New York Marriage Records is retrieved today is a piece-of cake because anybody can perform it from home or from anywhere as long as there is connection to the Internet. The only trick is to find a trustworthy site or online records resource to supply you the marital documents which you are seeking for. This is especially beneficial during urgent times when you have to acquire the results in no time such as when being needed for court use or for an investigation being conducted on a certain person. Yes, Erie residents have this opportunity to resort online for the same purpose.

Marriage Records Erie County
How to get a copy of marriage records in Erie:

  • Write a request to the County Clerk office
  • Fill-out the request form which asks you to supply case number, case date, complete name of the subject and your personal information as the requestor
  • The form has to be fully completed or else the Records staff will not process your application
  • Before mailing the request to the clerk’s office you have to have it notarized first, then place in a self-addressed, stamped envelope
  • The fees vary on how many copies you need and how much details you want
  • Payments are made through checks or money order only
  • The results can only be picked-up, thus you must clearly write down your contact number along with the request so that the office can call you whenever it is ready for pick-up
  • The turn-around time takes 2 to 3 weeks

Erie County Marriage License Records

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