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El Dorado County Marriage Records

There are many reasons why a person would want to get his or her hands at a copy of a marriage record. Marriage, after all, creates new relationships between two people who were strangers to each other at first. Of course, marriage creates new relationships not only between these two people, but also their relatives, after all, marriage brings them closer together. There are also some rights and duties and responsibilities that are available only to those that are married and, later, the legitimacy or illegitimacy of children come into the equation. These are but a few reasons why El Dorado County Marriage Records are requested for.

In general, Marriage Records El Dorado County, like all marriage records, are classified either as informational or certified copies. Although the two provide the exact same information, there are limits that are inherent in both so that there are still some differences between the two. In particular, certified copies could only be requested for by those who are party to the marriage or are related to the parties to the marriage.

County Marriage Records El Dorado

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El Dorado County Marriage License Records are available from the office of the recorder-clerk, though there are certain procedures that one must first comply with before the request would be approved. There are two procedures at this level, the first is to request the records in person. This is by far a more simpler proposition as the searcher needs only to head over to the office and make the request there. The only requirement would be a valid government-issued identification card, plus the required fee of fifteen dollars per copy. A request by mail would take longer, but would not require the searcher to personally go to the office of the recorder. The searcher would first have to download the relevant request form and accomplish the same. note that requests for certified copies would require the searcher to execute a notarized sworn statement and attach the same with the request form together with the required fee which would also be fifteen dollars. Once complete, all requirements should be sent to the office for processing.

Marriage Records State of California may also be obtained at the national or state level through the California Department of Public Health. Of course, the searcher would first have to download the relevant form because the department would only accept requests through mail, lacking a desk. At this level, the downloadable forms are specific for the type of record that the searcher would request for, thus, the request form for a certified copy is different from the form for an informational copy. Once the request forms had been downloaded, it is the responsibility of the searcher to accomplish the form together with the other requirements including the notarized sworn statement and the required money order. The fee is fifteen dollars per copy of the marriage certificate. The final step would be to send all the requirements to the department for processing.

It is also possible to look for marriage records through the internet using online databases. These databases are easy to find and even easier to use, providing the same information as the various government offices and databases, albeit using a faster and more efficient platform. In addition, most of these databases also provide their services for free.

Marriage Records El Dorado County
Requests for marriage records at the office of the clerk should follow the procedure given below

  • At the website of the clerk-recorder, download the relevant form
  • Accomplish the form. Do not forget the notarized sworn statement when requesting for authorized copies.
  • Make a money order to correspond to the required fee
  • Send all the requirements to the office of the clerk for processing.
  • The processing time usually takes anywhere between two to ten days. Any longer would require the clerk to inform you of the reason for the delay.

El Dorado County Marriage License Records

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