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Dutchess County Marriage Records

Residents looking for the Dutchess County marriage records must not go anywhere else but at home at the County Clerk’s office for they have been designated by laws and constitution to be the official database for all the vital records including the marriage documents. Requestors must trace where the marriage occurred to be able to proceed with the search. But it should only take place within the City or Town where individuals dwell in. You get a lot of records being kept on marital reports since the clerk’s office was able to archive the said reports from 1907 to 1935. They don’t have the same type of records prior to that time.

For more recent marital records you should see the State Department of Health as they are the only ones having possession of the present documents. Today, the clerk’s office is able to provide the marriage records Dutchess County either through the manual procedure or with the aid of computers. The manual process is done by either submitting your request via mail or doing the request in person. The computer-based search on the other hand is accomplished by downloading or printing documents through the official website of the county clerk for $0.50 per page. You must be very clear in your request whether or not you need a certified copy of it or if it is for information purposes only.

County Marriage Records Dutchess

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Other places where you can do searches on Dutchess County marriage license records include the Genealogical Society and Historical Society offices. The local government recommends these places for marital record checks. You must fill out an application in pursuit of the said records as part of the entire records retrieval procedure. All the details being asked must be completed, or else the office staff will not take action of your request. You should inform the office just in case you don’t know much about the subject so that they can pull-up the records for you but you should pay them for the extra time that they spent on.

As a requesting party, you are only required to present documents about yourself which include a driver’s license, social security, passport and other government issued ID which would warrant your application to possess the marriage records of someone. However, you would need approval from the court or the owner of the record for you to get access on such legal information. The record is only considered public if it is 50 years old or more already. Before it reaches 50 years old, the records will have to be formally requested via proper channels.

The marriage records in New York are within reach nowadays with the aid of an electronic procedure. This means that such records can now be retrieved paperless without having to go through all the formalities described in all government transactions. This time you just have to stay at home, look for a reliable records provider over the Internet, pay for the service and collect the data in just a few clicks. This is simply the remedy to get urgent results on the marital reports in New York.

Marriage Records Dutchess County
How to obtain marriage records in Dutchess:

  • Go to the county clerk’s office and request the said records
  • Records were documented since 1907 to 1935, today the Department of Health has the complete set of records
  • A copy of the record costs $0.50 for genealogical purposes, but if you want a certified copy then you pay $4.00 per document
  • The Genealogical Society and the Historical Society offices in Dutchess will greatly help you in the search for marriage records
  • The processing time usually takes 2 to 3 weeks

Dutchess County Marriage License Records

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