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Delaware County Marriage Records

The Probate Court in Delaware is responsible for the documentation and issuance of Delaware County marriage records. It has become very convenient these days because the said records are now made available locally at the respective cities, counties and villages in Ohio. Hence, there is no need to travel all the way to the main records repository office in Ohio. Thus, for urgent needs they can now be easily retrieved and the people will know the truth almost instantly about a particular person. It is offered via online or offline nowadays as per the guidelines imposed in Delaware.

The Court has in possession all the reports from 1996 up to present, all the prior records are archived at the Records Center. So, you need to find out the exact year when the wedding took place so that you will know which place you need to go to in the effort to acquire the marriage records Delaware County. The ones being leveraged to create a family tree are usually offered for free as it does not do much of the work. Only those that will be used for commercial and court proceedings are going to be paid by the requesting parties.

County Marriage Records Delaware

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The request can be mailed or done in person depending on what is handier to do on your end. If you do it by mail, you must provide the complete names of the groom and the bride and the date of marriage. And then include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with the $2.00 per document to be paid using cash or check. If you come to the office, you only have to present the mentioned details in order for you to proceed with the search. The office concerned can be contacted via phone if you wanted to clarify on something or if you wanted to check on the current fees which they are asking for.

The same is true with the Delaware County marriage license records; there will be a records request form which needs to be completed in order to move forward with the search. Otherwise, the application will not be granted. It is very significant that you are able to establish that you are a legitimate citizen in Delaware, if not then you will never have the records you need. You need to have at least one of the following identifications including a passport, military ID, driver’s license, company ID, utility bills or any other government-issued ID.

But the long wait is over now, for the marriage records in Ohio are within reach to the point that you can have it instantly in just a few clicks. It is a digital approach which individuals can look forward to doing because it is completely paperless and the advantageous part of it is that you can do the search at your most convenient time without the need to rush the entire process. This comes with a very nominal fee and is very worth the service that you are paying for because it does only bring instant results but quality information as well.

Marriage Records Delaware County
How to get a copy of marriage records in Delaware:

  • Keep in touch with Delaware Records Center for records prior to 1996
  • The Probate Court only archives records from 1996 up to present
  • When doing a mail request, you include a letter with the names of both parties mentioned in the record
  • Use a self-addressed, stamped envelope and enclose the $2.00 for each copy of your request
  • It will be paid through cash or check
  • You should also include the date of marriage and its location for easier tracking
  • The results are delivered in 2 to 3 weeks

Delaware County Marriage License Records

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