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Del Norte County Marriage Records

The keeping and maintaining of records had always been one of the more time consuming responsibilities of the government. Records are kept because often they are the best evidence that something had happened. Important events are kept tracked of by records, even if such events are actually private in nature. On the other hand, marriages are not private in nature because it is something that the state has considerable interest in, given that marriage creates new family relationships between not only the parties involved but also their collaterals. It is no wonder that there is something called Del Norte County Marriage Records.

Marriage Records Del Norte County are available from a number of sources, but they are, in general, classified either as local or national sources. It is also important to note that copies of marriage certificates are classified either as informational or certified copies. Although both present the exact same information, both have their own inherent set of limitations.

County Marriage Records Del Norte

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Del Norte County Marriage License Records are primarily requested for at a local source. The local source is the office of the clerk-recorder who is the official custodian of public documents within the borders of the county. To make a request at this office, the searcher would have to make a written request for the same. The searcher would be responsible for placing as much information as he or she could regarding the document that he or she is searching for in a paper that would then have to be sent to the office for processing. Note that if the searcher is requesting for a certified copy, a notarized sworn statement should accompany the request detailing the relationship of the requester with the parties to the marriage. A money order to correspond to the required fee should also accompany the request. The money order should correspond to the required fee of fifteen dollars.

Another source of California Marriage License Records would be at the national level in the form of the California Department of Public Health. A request here would require the searcher to first download the relevant request form from the website of the department. Note that the request form for an informational copy is different from the request form for a certified copy. It is also important to note that these forms may be used when requesting at the local level. Once the form had been downloaded, the searcher should accomplish the same form before sending it to the department for processing, accompanied by a money order for the required fee of fifteen dollars. Note that a request for a certified copy would require the searcher to execute a notarized sworn statement that would have to accompany the request form.

Another method of searching for marriage records would be to take the search online using online databases. These online databases are rather easy to find given that they litter the World Wide Web, and they are even easier to use. In addition to the fact that using these databases are faster and more efficient, there is the fact that internet searches could be used from the home of the user without the need to either fall in line or to even leave the home of the user.

Marriage Records Del Norte County
The procedure to follow at the county level is given below

  • Prepare a request form, detailing in the same enough details that you think would help the office of the clerk locate the record that you are looking for.
  • Once the request form is ready, make a money order to correspond to the required fee and attach the same to the request form.
  • If you are requesting for a certified copy, do not forget to make a notarized sworn statement and attach the same to the request form.
  • Send all the requirements to the office of the clerk for processing
  • The processing time should take anywhere between two to ten days.

Del Norte County Marriage License Records

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