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Defiance County Marriage Records

The person who performed the marriage between the groom and the bride is responsible for submitting the marriage certificate to the County’s Probate Court for records keeping purposes. The Court will then seal and certify it as the official Defiance County marriage records of the couple. It is made available before the court 1 or 2 weeks after the wedding took place. The bride must get a copy of it in order to update her record in the Social Security office and the Driver’s License Bureau. The fee to have an original copy of it is $3.00 per document, $.50 for each additional copy of it.

The request can be done by mail or in-person, if you have initial questions on the process itself you can call or email the office concerned in that case. The marriage records Defiance County can be accessed by following the guidelines and rules implemented in the County in order to have a smooth application on the records concerned. When running a check on someone’s record, you must be able to provide the complete names of the groom and the bride, and then specify the type of record that you are looking for, and state the date when the marriage occurred. If you don’t know the accurate date, just write the approximate year when it transpired.

County Marriage Records Defiance

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The Probate Court has established an office called Records Center to cater on the particular needs of the individuals for vital records or for the Defiance County marriage license records. They are able to do the search by way of writing a formal letter of request or by simply downloading the information through the court’s official website. However, the information you get from its website cannot be leveraged for commercial or court proceeding purposes for they only contain limited data about the marriage report. Nonetheless, you can still use the online generated data for genealogical research purposes or simply to verify as to whether or not a person had been married before.

The County has started doing the documentation since 1845 up to present. The records were archived in various forms including microfilm, newspaper clippings and for these recent years most of them have been encoded on computers already. So, it should be quick and easy to do the request nowadays, however you still have to go through the typical requirements necessary in every government office for formality sake. You should be able to present a valid identification as proof of your legal residency. Otherwise, the court will not let you place a request on the said legitimate documents.

The rise of a digital records alternative has made the search on Ohio marriage license records paperless. It is a modern tool which the residents of Defiance will take advantage on because of its instant service plus its completeness in terms of details. So, it is a great remedy for those who are in a hurry to get this type of record for it can be accomplished at any time and in any place provided that you have access to the Internet.

Marriage Records Defiance County
How to generate a copy of marriage record in Defiance:

  • The Probate and Juvenile Court has the marriage license records of the residents living in Defiance
  • They have been compiling copies of it from 1845 up to present
  • The fee is $3.00 per document
  • It should be requested as soon as it is made available before the court so you can use it to update your records in the Social Security Office and the Driver’s License Bureau
  • You have to show just one valid government-issued ID as proof of your legal residency
  • When placing a request by mail you must include a self-addressed, stamped return envelope before submitting it to the office concerned

Defiance County Marriage License Records

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