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Cuyahoga County Marriage Records

Cuyahoga County Archive office holds all the legal reports including the Cuyahoga County marriage records, marriage license returns, marriage license applications and the marriage banns as per order of law being passed in 1867. This goes to show that the documentation of marital reports has been done many years ago with the objective to preserve these crucial legal details for the consumption of the people at present and for the many more generations to come. Indexes to marriage records from 1810 to 1973 are actively on file for anybody’s use. Hence, if you are looking for records that old you should see the County’s Archive office.

Today, the compilation of marriage records Cuyahoga County is now done at certain government agencies including the records offices from the respective cities, towns and villages. The probate court also takes part in the documentation of this type of records so that the people will have option as to where to go to for convenience sake. The request can be done either through mail or in-person. Mail requests should be notarized in order for it to become official. But before anything else you should procure a copy of the records application form, this is done for both mail and in-person request.

County Marriage Records Cuyahoga

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The fee to get a certified copy of a marriage record is $10.00, it could be more than that if you are going to request for more copies. However, the price could have changed over time; thus, you need to contact the office concerned by phone to ask for the current rates. The paper requirements include one of the following government identifications; military ID, driver’s license, passport, company ID, social security number and other government-issued IDs. It should be just easy for a local resident to obtain a copy of it for as long as he or she is a legitimate citizen in Cuyahoga.

On the other hand, the Cuyahoga County marriage license records are obtainable at the probate court. You just have to provide the first and last names of the Groom as well as the Bride’s and then supply also the date of marriage. You can instead give an approximate year of marriage if you are not sure when it occurred. To get a copy of a marriage license record you will have to pay $2.00 for it. The Court has a Marriage Department where you can pay for such service through cash. Or you can do it as well via mail request through money order or cashier’s check. Just include a self-addressed, stamped envelope as the official procedure.

The public should not spend too much time doing searches on Ohio marriage records at present for the internet becomes a valuable venue today when it comes to locating information on vital records. You only have to find a professional online records provider which absolutely brings in the authentic data of the said record. You only have to pay a reasonable fee for this unique service which you can perform at home or at any place where you feel most comfortable doing the search at. So, with this modern alternative today you will have more choices on how to go about performing the search on marriage documents.

Marriage Records Cuyahoga County
How to get a copy of marriage record in Cuyahoga:

  • Visit the Records office at the town, city, or village agencies for the marriage records
  • The County Archive office has the old marital records from 1810 to 1971 if you are looking into those vintage reports
  • The Court provides copies of marriage licenses for $2.00 each. You just have to supply the complete names of the couple and the data of marriage. You can just give the approximate year if you can’t remember exactly when it took place
  • To do the regular request via mail and in-person you should first fill-out the records request form and submit it to the office concerned
  • When doing a mail request, it should include a self-addressed stamped envelope along with the required fee
  • Processing time usually takes 2 to 3 weeks provided there are no issues along the way

Cuyahoga County Marriage License Records

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