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Coshocton County Marriage Records

Probate Court in Coshocton has been mandated by the Ohio law to document all the marriages that would transpire within the County. They have actually been doing it for quite a long time already. In fact, they have on active file the Coshocton County marriage records from way back 1811 up to present. However, the office decided to not include the names of parents before 1900 for some technical reason. The important fact is that such records are obtainable and can be leveraged for whatever legal purposes they may serve. The records are archived in original form or micro-film or microfiche.

The fee to secure a certified copy of the record is $2.00 per document, plus $.50 if you desire to get more copies. Your request can be done via mail; the first thing you do is ask for a copy of the standard request form. It can be downloaded online or be picked in person at the Probate Court. Once it is filled out completely you then place it in a self-addressed, stamped return envelope and then submit to the office concerned. You can always call the office to inquire if there are changes as to the process on how to perform the request on marriage records Coshocton County or email them your questions.

County Marriage Records Coshocton

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As soon as the bride is married she must immediately update her records in any of the government agencies such as the Social Security Office, Driver’s License Bureau, Board of Elections and other recognized units. These Coshocton County marriage license records are indeed accessible only if you adhere to the rules and regulations implemented by the officials in the local government. You only need to present a valid ID to prove that you are a legal citizen in the county. These identifications could include a driver’s license, passport, military ID, company ID, social security card and any other documents which show your photo and signature.

The Probate Court does not only do manual searches nowadays for they have already incorporated the use of computers and the Internet. It is possible, however the information that you can grab from an online database cannot be used for commercial and court proceedings simply because they do not hold the certified copies of it. The original copies can only be obtained at the Probate Court as per the provision of the law and statutes in Ohio.

With the advancement of modern computers today, the OH marriage records can be searched and downloaded at home or wherever you may be at provided that you have Internet connection. On this note, you no longer have to make a trip all the way to Ohio’s central records database for it can now be executed at any time. The trick is to find a reputable website which offers you a legitimate service. It can be done by simply paying a reasonable fee for the instant retrieval of the marital reports that you are looking for. But still, it is all up to you if you do the search online or do it offline, the choice is yours.

Marriage Records Coshocton County
How to get copies of Coshocton marriage records:

  • The Probate Court has the authority to issue the marriage certificates in Coshocton
  • They have the said record from 1811 up to present
  • Reports are available in original form or through microfilms
  • The fee to obtain a certified copy is $2.00
  • If you send your request via mail you must include a self-addressed, stamped return envelope and then submit to the Court’s office
  • The local public library can also give you the same information for genealogical research purposes only
  • Processing time is 2 to 3 business weeks

Coshocton County Marriage License Records

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