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Contra Costa County Marriage Records

Marriage had always been an activity that is imbued with public interest. This is because marriage is a social event and from the celebration of which, new relationships, as well as new obligations, duties, and responsibilities, stem from. It is thus easy to see why it should be regulated, yet respected. One of the more visible signs of government regulation when it comes to marriage is the fact that there are such things called Contra Costa County Marriage Records.

Marriage Records Contra Costa County are simply the collection of government records related to marriage. They are public records, a classification that means that they are supposed to be available to the public at all times. There are also two types of marriage records copies that could be given to the public, informational and certified copies, though both contain the same information. The only differences between the two of them are their limitations and uses. Informational copies could only be used for verifying information, but it could be obtained by anyone regardless of their relationship with the parties to the marriage. Certified copies, on the other hand, are the more official version and could be used for anything. They, however, are limited in the sense that only a party to the marriage, or a relative of the same, could obtain them, hence, the requirement for a notarized sworn statement when requesting for them.

County Marriage Records Contra Costa

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The primary source of Contra Costa County Marriage License Records is local or county level sources, and the first of these would be the office of the clerk-recorder. The procedure at this level follows either one of two predefined set of procedures, either through mail or in person. A request by mail would require the searcher to first download the relevant request form from the website of the clerk-recorder. The searcher should then fill up the form and attach a money record to the same to correspond to the required fee which is fifteen dollars. It is important to note that a request for a certified copy would require the searcher to include a notarized sworn statement with the request. Once all requirements are complete, they should be sent to the office for processing. The usual time for the office to return the record would be between two to ten days. A request in person would require the searcher to head over to the office of the clerk and make the request there. Remember to bring a valid government issued identification card, such as a valid driver’s license, when making the request. The required fee is also fifteen dollars.

Free California Marriage Records could be obtained through the use of online databases. Currently, there are no government online databases that could provide this information, but there are a number of online databases that are operated by private individuals that do contain the same information. These databases are easy to find and even easier to use, often requiring only the most basic of internet knowledge to master. Faster and more efficient, internet searches could be conducted from the home of the user, without the need to fall in line or even to leave the house. An added bonus is the fact that most of them do not charge anything at all.

Marriage Records Contra Costa County
Follow the procedure given below when requesting for marriage records through mail at the local level

  • Obtain the necessary request form by downloading the same from the website of the clerk-recorder.
  • Fill up the application form. Do not forget to have the same notarized if you are requesting for a certified copy.
  • Make a money order to correspond to the required fee.
  • Send all the requirements to the office of the clerk-recorder for processing

Contra Costa County Marriage License Records

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