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Colusa County Marriage Records

Every ceremony that the government is somehow involved in has to have a record, and the record has to be made available to the public upon valid demand of the same. It would not even matter if the ceremony is a private ceremony, so long as the government is involved, there must be a record of the same. One of the ceremonies that the government takes careful records of is marriage, and in Colusa County, the collection of records, documents, and other papers that relate to marriage is called Colusa County Marriage Records.

Marriage Records Colusa County are public records, and this means that they are supposed to be available to the public at all times. There are, however, certain procedure and requisites that must be first met. Note that copies of marriage records are classified either as informational or certified copies, each with their own set of limitations and uses. Despite this, the two types of records do provide the same set of information. It is also important to note that there are two different levels of sources when it comes to marriage records, local or county, and national or state.

County Marriage Records Colusa

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Colusa County Marriage License Records are available at the county level through the clerk-recorder. The procedure at this office is either one of two methods. The first method is to send the request through mail and for this to work; the searcher should first download the request form from the website of the clerk and fill up the same. Note that a request for a certified record would require the searcher to execute a notarized sworn statement the details of which may be found in the request form. Once the form is accomplished, a money order corresponding to the required fee, fifteen dollars per record should be attached to the request form. The completed form should then be sent to the office for processing. The second method would be to request for the records in person, and for this, the searcher should head over to the office of the clerk and make the request there. Remember to bring a valid government issued identification card when making this request. As with requests via mail, the required fee is fifteen dollars.

Public Marriage Records California are also available from the California Department of Public Health, though note that at this department, the only procedure would be through mail. To begin the procedure, the searcher should first download the relevant request form from the department and to fill up the same. Note that at this office, there are two requests forms, one for informational copies and the other for certified copies. Once the forms had been accomplished, they should be sent to the office for processing together with a money order to correspond to the required fee of fifteen dollars.

It is also possible to search for records online. This method is guaranteed to be faster and more efficient because they are done through the use of internet. As with all internet searches, the only thing required would be a computer, a relatively fast internet connection, and, in some cases, a printer. Note that internet searches are mostly free and could be conducted from the relative comfort of the home of the user.

Marriage Records Colusa County
When requesting for marriage records at the county level through mail, follow the procedure given below

  • Download the relevant request form from the website of the clerk
  • Fill up the application form. Note that requests for certified copy would require you to make a notarized sworn
  • statement on your relationship with the parties to the marriage
  • Make a money order to correspond to the required fee
  • Attach the money order to the application form together with the notarized sworn statement, if applicable.
  • Send the completed application form and all requirements to the office for processing

Colusa County Marriage License Records

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