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Columbiana County Marriage Records

The person who performed your marriage is responsible for submitting the submission of the Columbiana County marriage records to the County’s Probate Court. It should be available after 7 to 10 days since you had your wedding. As soon as you confirmed its availability you can order it during business hours at $2.00 for each document. You may call the Probate Court if you wish to get more information as to how the request is accomplished and find out the requirements that the office needed in order successfully obtain the necessary marital reports.

However, there are files which the office will not divulge due to confidential reasons. In this regard, you must respect the policy of the county; it will only put you under fire if you insist or force it to happen. So, to formally initiate the search you must seek for a copy of the records request form. It can be downloaded right through the official website of the Probate Court or can be acquired in person by personally visiting the said office. The marriage records Columbiana County can definitely be possessed by going through the legal process so that everything will be legal and clean.

County Marriage Records Columbiana

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Those who are doing a genealogical research must visit the Genealogical Society which is organized in the County. They are able to provide you with uncertified information which is free of charge since you won’t be getting the full details in regards to the marriage record of the person of interest. The Columbiana County marriage license records can be both used for research purposes and for court or commercial uses. When you make a request you have to be very specific as to what purpose you are going to use the said records for.

As a requestor you must get ready with some personal documents to prove that you are a legitimate citizen in Columbiana, Ohio and that you are qualified to perform the search. You need at least one government-issued ID which includes a passport, military ID, driver’s license, social security card or a company ID. If you are to make a request via mail, you must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope and have it notarized before mailing it to the exact address of the Probate Court. More so, the rate for placing a request could change over time, hence you should contact the office to see if there had been any changes which you ought to know about.

With the increasing number of requests being catered at the probate court, sometimes results could take a very long time before you finally have them. The good news is that Ohio marriage license record can now be downloaded online by you without the need for assistance from a third party. It is absolutely a piece-of-cake for you this time to do it for you need not comply with all the paper requirements anymore. It is quickly done and is really meant to provide instant results which you can leverage during urgent scenarios.

Marriage Records Columbiana County
How to get a copy of marriage records in Columbiana:

  • The records should be available at the County Probate Court after 7 to 10 days since the wedding
  • A certified copy would cost $2.00 for each document, $.50 for each extra copy of it
  • It is only paid using cash, checks and credit cards are not accepted
  • When sending via mail you must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope and have it notarized prior to sending it to the Probate Court’s office
  • Processing time would be 2 to 3 weeks, it could be earlier than that if there are no problems with your application

Columbiana County Marriage License Records

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