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Clinton County Marriage Records

The Court System in Clinton, Ohio is composed of three namely the Common Pleas Court, Juvenile Court and the Probate Court. Probate Court is the place where Clinton County marriage records should be requested as per provision of the law in Ohio. It is where the certified copies of the said reports are going to be released. Other local offices such as the Public Library and Genealogical Society group also have in possession the same the information but the only have limited data of it and they are not authorized to issue a certified copy of the marriage documents.

Only the Probate Court has the power to provide you a copy of it which you can leverage for commercial and court purposes. If you get the data from a different agency then you can only utilize it for research purposes only or mainly to verify or to check that someone had a marital record. Marriage records Clinton County can be acquired following through some guidelines and policies imposed in Clinton. They are obtained by filling out a standard form, pay a certain amount, and comply some paper requirements for you to eventually have a certified copy of the marriage records.

County Marriage Records Clinton

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The form contains all the vital information about the subject of interest, thus you need to complete it in its entirety or else your Clinton County marriage license records application will just be rejected after all. Also, the amount you pay for the service fee would be $3.00 per document, plus $.50 for each extra copy that you have requested for. And then, you show at least one valid ID to attest that you are truly a legitimate citizen in Clinton, Ohio. These valid identifications include a driver’s license, passport, social security card, military ID, company ID and other documents you may have that show you current photo and notarized signature. If you don’t have any of the mentioned documents you can present a utility bill, maybe a water or electric bill with has your complete name and address. It should validate that you are a legal resident in Clinton.

Clinton has started doing the compilation of marital reports since 1810 up to these days. On that note, they surely will be able to supply you with the details you need in regards to marital information of someone. The Probate Court has formed a specific office that will focus on giving assistance to people who are looking for the said type of record. This office is called the Records and Archives office of which the public can contact via telephone or mobile phone, email, fax or mail. So, if you have initial questions on the process of running a check just keep in touch with them, their office staff will respond to your queries at the soonest possible time.

With so many steps that you had to go through in a government agency, almost all the time you are going to spend days or even weeks before you can finally have the reports that you need. At present, the public should be thankful for the rise of a web-based records database where a person can perform a request on Ohio marriage records, the same information that is retrieved at the Probate Court. This is legally permitted by law for the sake of having a much faster procedure in terms of procuring the marriage documents in Clinton.

Marriage Records Clinton County
How to get a copy of Clinton marriage record:

  • Visit the Probate Court, Records and Archives office
  • Records have been on file since 1810 up to present
  • Contact the office concerned through fax, email, mail or phone for inquiries
  • Fee would be $3.00 per document, $.50 for each additional copy
  • Include a self-addressed, stamped return envelope prior to mailing it to the Probate Court
  • Show a valid ID as proof that you are a legitimate citizen in Clinton, Ohio
  • Copies that you requested are mailed back to you in 2 to 3 business weeks

Clinton County Marriage License Records

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