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Chemung County Marriage Records

Both the certificate of Chemung County marriage records and the marriage licenses are retrievable within the county as per mandate of the law in New York. But today, these records are now obtainable at any of the town, city or village clerk office where you are located at so that it will be much easier for you to perform the request. Therefore, it is crucial that you know which town the wedding took place and where the marriage license was acquired. It should be very easy for you to proceed with the search if you know exactly where the ceremony had taken place.

The municipal clerk should be able to provide you with copies of it as that is his or her main job to assist any request related to marriage records Chemung County. If the record is yours and you only need to have a copy of it then it should be very easy for you to do the application. It will only become tedious when you are to request for a copy of the said record which is not yours. If that is the case you must ask for permission from the owner or request consent from the officiating court itself. You can never have it without the necessary permission from an authorized party.

County Marriage Records Chemung

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The fee to claim a copy of a marriage certificate would be $10.00 per document. If you are going to do the request by mail then you should have your application notarized first for authentication purposes. Also, a request form should be filled out in order for you to legally execute the application of legal records in Chemung, the same thing when you request for the Chemung County marriage license records. Otherwise, if you don’t follow certain steps then you will not be granted to continue with the search at all as you are trying to violate what is being established as an existing law and constitution. The form is now downloadable through the municipal clerk’s official website.

The fee will be paid through money order or certified check, other mode of payment will not be accepted. Remember that the marital records are not for public viewing until the owner of it is already deceased or if the record has reached 50 years and above already in the records repository. A genealogy marriage search is also available but you will have to pay $22.00 per document. If the requestor does not reside within the area then he or she will have to pay via certified check or money order payable to the municipal clerk’s office.

The NY marriage records are conveniently ordered these days with the aid of an online records archive. With this new solution, the records are within reach to the point that it can be obtained at home or wherever you want the search done for as long as there is access to the Internet. The secret is to find a reliable electronic records alternative which offers the full account of marriage records. It is an option which anybody can take for it is handy and totally hassle-free.

Marriage Records Chemung County
How to get a copy of the marriage records in Chemung:

  • Visit the municipal clerk where the marriage license was issued
  • A certified copy would be $10.00 per document and $22.00 to perform a genealogical records search
  • The request form will have to be completed in order for the staff to start working on your request
  • Marriage licenses are also obtainable at the respective town clerks in Chemung
  • Present a valid government-issued ID like your driver’s license, passport, company ID and other valid documents
  • If you send the request by mail you must have your application get notarized first before sending it to the office concerned
  • Payments will be made through money order or certified checks
  • Results will be delivered in 2 to 3 weeks

Chemung County Marriage License Records

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  • Department of Health
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