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Chautauqua County Marriage Records

The Chautauqua County marriage records can be requested at the county, city or village clerk offices so that the local residents can just choose which office is the nearest to their location for quick access. Marital reports are commonly used for genealogical purposes while some of the requestors would leverage the records to verify if whether or not a person has an existing marriage document. Chautauqua County serves the people well by allowing them to experience convenience when it comes to applying for the said vital records.

The County Clerk has complete compilation of the marriage records Chautauqua County from 1908 to 1935 through the county’s Family History Library. Other pertinent information can be requested from the New York Vital Records office. The rest of the records, mostly the recent ones are being preserved at the town or city clerk where the marriage license was issued. You begin the search by filling out the standard request form which you can obtain at the office itself or simply download via the city clerk’s webpage. The fee would be $10.00 per document as per requirement of the law in New York.

County Marriage Records Chautauqua

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However, if you are going to order for the Chautauqua County marriage license records for genealogical research it requires you to pay $22.00 per copy. Genealogy records are considered as uncertified copies and they can only be divulged when such documents are 50 years old and above already. There is a separate records request form for genealogical search purposes. Individuals in the county have the right to go to the New York State Archives to search for the marriage index from 1881 to 1965. On the other hand, the State Ancestry office is capable of providing the same reports from 1600 to 1784.

The records officials just need to know how valid your reason is for acquiring a copy of the marital reports. Otherwise, the office will not grant your request for they follow certain rules and guidelines to protect the names on the record and preserve the confidential details included over the document. So, you must be ready with all the requirements being asked, if you don’t have them all then you should ask for technical or legal assistance from an attorney who is very much familiar with the steps and all the legalities to proceed with the records application. If you don’t have enough information about the subject then you must ask the records staff to do the search for you but you will have to pay an extra cost for the extra time spent by the records personnel to lookup for the needed details of the person of interest.

With the digital age today, NY marriage records are very much available anywhere provided that there is Internet connection. It is made possible by relying on a reputable online records solution where all you have to do is supply the basic details of the subject and pay the reasonable fee to get the job done. Thus, people now have options on whether they go online or still opt the traditional way of placing the request. The choice is yours; the important thing is that such records are accessible for public use nowadays.

Marriage Records Chautauqua County
How to get copies of marriage records in Chautauqua:

  • The City Clerk’s office is responsible for the production of marriage records
  • The form can be downloaded online so you can start doing the request
  • Fee is $10.00 per copy for a marriage certificate while you get to grab an uncertified copy of it for $22.00 per document for genealogical research purposes
  • The request form has to be completed in its entirety so that the records staff will honor your application
  • Turn-around time would be 2 to 3 weeks

Chautauqua County Marriage License Records

Facts on how marriage license records can be obtained and the other details relating to it:

  • County Clerk
  • Town Clerk
  • County Marital Records
  • County Genealogy
  • Archives
  • County Court
  • Marriage Records