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Charlotte County Marriage Records

There is no doubt that the public is an interested party in a marriage, and this interest is manifested in the fact that the representative of the public, the government, requires that a license first be obtained by the couple who desires to get married before they could get married. This marriage license is often the centerpiece of a record known as marriage records, and an example of a marriage record would be Charlotte County Marriage Records, which are considered as public records, and as such, are supposed to be available to the general public at all times upon request.

Like all marriage records, Marriage Records Charlotte County could be used at a number of official proceedings. They are often used in adoption and name change proceedings, but they are also important in cases involving the legitimacy or illegitimacy of a child in relation to his or her parents. The most important use of these records, however, are in cases involving social security or pension benefits, and in cases involving support. This is because these records contain information that would establish the existence of a marriage, and often the remedies being prayed for in these cases are subordinate to the existence of a valid marriage, which means that a marriage must first exist before these remedies could be claimed.

County Marriage Records Charlotte

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As they are public records, Charlotte County Marriage License Records are supposed to be available at all times, and there are two levels of sources where such marriage license records may be requested from. One of these sources is the local or county level source, and this is through the clerk of courts who is also the official custodian of these records. A request at this level is done through a combination of both online and actually going to the office, though if the records are just for the sake of the curiosity of the person making the search, there is no need to go to the office to get the actual records. The online portion of the search is merely to confirm the identification number of the record for purposes of claiming an actual copy thereof. The procedure starts with the person initiating a search using an online database. A blank search form would be provided for and the person would have to fill this up with every information that he could provide before clicking the search button. A list of results would include the record that the searcher is interested in and it is the job of the searcher to note the book and page number of the record which must be submitted to the clerk when requesting for an actual copy thereof.

Public Marriage Records Florida may also be obtained through the state or national level through the Office of Vital Records of the Florida Department of Health. The procedure here is a request through mail and would require the searcher to first download the relevant request form and fill the same up before sending it to the office for processing.

Of course, marriage records are also available online through the use of online databases. Faster and more efficient, these databases often provide the same information as the various government sources even if most of them are not affiliated with the government. Most also charge only the barest minimum of fees and because they are internet searches, they could be used from the home of the user, and there are no lines to fall into.

Marriage Records Charlotte County
The procedure below must be followed when requesting for records at the office of the clerk of courts

  • Head to the office of the clerk of courts and their records division
  • Inform the clerk on duty of your intention to search for records.
  • The clerk on duty would give you a form which you must then fill up. Amongst the items requested for would be the identification number of the document you are after.
  • The identification number may be obtained by
  • Head over to the search page of the clerk of court database.
  • At the blank search page, input the information requested for. Note that not all blanks must be filled, but the fewer blanks, the more accurate the search would be.
  • The system would return various results, locate the record that you are interested in from amongst these results.
  • Click on the document and the book number or page number should be displayed. This is the document identification number.
  • Submit the form to the clerk for processing.
  • The clerk would then produce the document. You may request for a copy of the same once you are sure that these are the records that you want.
  • Pay the required fee before claiming your copy of the record.

Charlotte County Marriage License Records

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