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Champaign County Marriage Records

Champaign Probate Court is commissioned by law in Ohio to be the primary source of legal information in regards to the Champaign County marriage records. They have the power and authority to issue the certified copies of the said official documents. It can either be ordered online or offline depending on what is more convenient on your end. Other offices such as the Public Library and Genealogical Society are also able to provide you the marriage information but you can get limited data of it alone. The Court is the only place where you can obtain authentic and certified copies of marriage report.

Anybody can actually request for a copy of the marriage certificate, but the certified ones are only provided to the bride and the groom. It could be obtained by somebody else but by virtue and permission from the court. If you are going to request for a marriage record owned by another person then you must present some documents which would support you application to acquire the said legal documents from the court. The marriage records Champaign County are accessible even if you do not own the record provided that you have enough reasons to validate your request to have it.

County Marriage Records Champaign

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However, if you are going to use it to blackmail another person then you will be held accountable by the law, you will most likely be questioned or worst case scenario be penalized according to the violation you have committed. A record can only be made available for public viewing if it is over 50 years old already. Those who are doing a genealogical research can greatly benefit from this database for the County has been doing the compilation since the 18th century up to this time. Hence, there is a lot that you can obtain in regards to the Champaign County marriage license records for they are well-kept at the County’s Records repository.

To be eligible in performing the request, you must have at least one of the following identifications; driver’s license, State ID card, firearm owner ID, naturalization certification, passport or a birth certificate. If you have none of them you can make use of the utility bills that you pay for on a regular basis. These bills should have your complete name and your current address to justify that you are indeed a resident in Champaign for quite a long time already. And then you must be aware of the guidelines and policies imposed by the clerk in order for you to get the search going.

The fee to get a certified copy would be $3.00 per document, plus $.50 for each additional copy of it. If you send it by mail just include a self-addressed, stamped return envelope and mail it to the Probate Court’s office. Today, the public should be grateful that searches on marriage records Ohio can now be easily done through the web. Just look for a reliable online resource and find the reports you need in just a few clicks. It can be done anywhere for as long as you are hooked up to the Internet.

Marriage Records Champaign County
How to get copies of marriage records in Champaign:

  • Go to the office of the County Probate Court
  • Ask for a copy of the standard request form, you actually download it from home through their official website
  • The required fee is $3.00 per document, $.50 for each extra copy
  • You need to specify as to how many copies you would want to get and what type of record you are going to have
  • The request can also be done online for better convenience
  • If you do it by mail make sure that you have it notarized first and then put in a self-addressed, stamped envelope prior to mailing it to the court
  • Results are usually delivered in 2 to 3 business weeks

Champaign County Marriage License Records

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