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Canada Marriage Records

Due to Canada being an entire country and not a specific state, requirements for requesting Marriage Records will vary. This can also be said for virtually all other types of vital records including birth, death and divorce. However, it is to be noted that individuals seeking Canada Marriage Records can start at the British Columbia Vital Statistics Agency even if the marriage license was issued elsewhere. This is due to the fact that the British Columbia Vital Statistics Agency will point you in the right direction and aid you on your search.

Unlike in the United States, obtaining a Canada Marriage Record can be quite expensive. Fees associated with obtaining Canada Marriage Records can be up to $50 for each copy requested. Of course, this can vary between locations but it is what is asked for when requesting a record in British Columbia. Furthermore, additional fees may apply for expedited processing and such services.

Marriage Records Canada

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In terms of methods of obtaining Canada Marriage Records, there are several to choose from. These methods may include through the mail, over the phone or in person. Of course, this will vary greatly depending on where you’re looking to obtain a Marriage Record. Typically, in-person visits will yield results on the same day while through the mail or over the phone can take up to several weeks. Again, this will vary depending on the location as will much of this information.

Information required when requesting any Marriage Record has largely been known to be very similar no matter the location; the same can be said when requesting Canada Marriage Records. Individuals looking to request such records should have the name of the bride and groom, the date on which the marriage occurred and the location at which the marriage occurred handy. Additionally, they should also be ready to submit their name, address, phone number and reason for requesting a marriage along with a valid form of identification.

All-in-all, individuals should keep in mind that the requirements for Canada Marriage Records can vary greatly. Due to this, it’s best for individuals to do extensive research for any given location before committing to paying fees to any agency.

Vital Statistics Agency contact info:
British Columbia Vital Statistcs Agency
Victoria, BC V8W 9P3
Phone: (800) 663-8328

Canada Marriage License Public Records

Due to Canada being such a vast country, seeking out and obtaining Marriage Records can be quite hard. This is due to the fact that the country does not maintain a nationwide Marriage Records database instead forcing individuals to seek out the appropriate parties in their respective locations. Luckily, online service providers can help Canadian Marriage Record seekers just as they do United States Marriage Record seekers.. Such online service providers accept requests 24/7 and typically return results within minutes. Backed by a full-refund guarantee, searching for Canada Marriage Records has never been easier.