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Calaveras County Marriage Records

The reason that records are required when the ceremony of marriage is performed is so that the people could be sure that the marriage did actually happen. After all, new relations are formed when a couple is married, as well as new obligations, duties, privileges and responsibilities. A reasonable person would, of course, want to be certain of the authenticity of the marriage, hence, the reason why Calaveras County Marriage Records exist.
Marriage Records Calaveras County, or at least, those that could be requested, are divided into two types, informational and certified copies. Both have their own advantages, but both also have their own inherent limitations though both do provide the same information. A request for either type could be conducted at a number of sources, but in general, these sources are classified either as local or county level sources, and national or state level sources.

Calaveras County Marriage License Records may be requested at the local or county level through the office of the clerk of court. There are two procedures at this level that one could chose to use, request the copy either through mail or in person. A request through mail would require the searcher to first make the request letter detailing in the same the specifics of the record that would be requested. Attach to this letter a money order to correspond to the required fee which is fifteen dollars per copy of the record. Note that a request for a certified copy should be accompanied by a notarized sworn statement detailing the relationship of the requester with the parties to the marriage. A request for copies of records in person would require the searcher to head over to the office of the clerk and make the request there. Remember to bring a valid government issued identification card when doing so. As with requests through mail, the required fee is fifteen dollars per copy.

County Marriage Records Calaveras

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State of California Marriage Records are also available at the national or state level, and at this level, the office primarily concerned would be the California Department of Public Health. This state level office has copies of all marriage records filed within the borders of the state, but a request here could only be done through mail because they do not maintain a counter. The request starts with the searcher downloading the relevant request form from the website of the department. Note that the request form for an informational copy is different from the request form for a certified copy. Once the request form had been downloaded, the searcher should complete the same, while paying careful attention to other added requirements inherent to the type of record being requested for, such as the requirement for a notarized sworn statement for a certified copy. Once these requirements had been complied with, the next step would be to make a money order to correspond to the required fee and attach the same to the request form. The required fee is fifteen dollars. That complete, all that is left to be done is to send the request form to the department for processing.

A faster search is possible through the use of online databases. Currently, there is no government affiliated database that could do this service, but there are a number of privately owned databases that do provide this service. Internet searches are faster and more efficient, and because they could be done from the home of the user, there are no lines to fall into. In addition, most of these databases do not charge anything for their services.

Marriage Records Calaveras County
The procedure to follow at the state level is given below

  • Download the relevant form from the website of the California Department of Public Health
  • Accomplish the form. Take note of other special requirements that may be necessary
  • Make a money order to correspond to the required fee and attach the same to the request form.
  • Send the request form together with all the requirements to the department for processing
  • Wait for the records to be sent to you. Usually, this would take anywhere between three to twenty days.

Calaveras County Marriage License Records

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