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Butte County Marriage Records

For some people, the day that they get married is one of the happiest days of their lives, but one must note that just because two people want to get married does not mean that they could do so right away. This is because the government is involved when it comes to marriage, and a couple must have a valid marriage license first before they could get married. This marriage license is a core part of a collection of records known as the Butte County Marriage Records that are supposed to be available to the public at all times.

Butte County Marriage Records may be requested from a number of locations, but one must first take into consideration the type of marriage record that one is going to request for. This is because there are two types, informational and certified copies, and both have their own inherent set of limitations in the form of how they could be used and who could ask for them. At any rate, there are two levels where such records could be requested and these are the local or county level, and the national or state level.

County Marriage Records Butte

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At the local or county level, requests for Butte County Marriage License Records are the province of the clerk-recorder who has copies of them. To make a request here, the searcher would first have to decide which method he or she would use. There are currently two methods, requesting for the records through mail or in person. A request through mail would require the searcher to first download a form. Exactly how the form would be completed would depend on the type of marriage record to be requested, because certified copies require the searcher to attach a notarized sworn statement on the form. At any rate, the required fee is fifteen dollars and should be attached to the request form before it is sent to the office. Request in person are easier, but would require the searcher to appear at the office and make the request there. Note that proper identification is required, in the form of any government issued identification card. The required fee is fifteen dollars, regardless of the type of search method resorted to.

One of the most resorted to options when requesting for California Marriage License Records, however, is the California Department of Public Health, a state level department. A request at this office would require the searcher to first download the relevant request form. Be careful when downloading as the request form for an informational copy is not the same as the request form for a certified copy. A sworn statement is also required at this level when requesting for a certified copy. The required fee of fifteen dollars should also be attached to the application form together with the other required papers before they are sent to the department for processing.
Another method of searching for marriage records, and perhaps the most efficient method, would be to search for them online. There are a number of online databases that are helpful in this endeavor. The fact that there are many of them would mean that they are rather easy to locate, but they are even easier to use. Using these databases means that the search is faster, more efficient, could be done from the comforts of the home of the user, and, because most of these databases provide their services for free, is free to use.

Marriage Records Butte County
The procedure to follow at the state level is given below

  • At the website of the California Department of Public Health, download the relevant form. Note that difference between the form for a certified copy and an informational copy.
  • Accomplish the form.
  • Attach the necessary attachments including the money order for the required fee.
  • Send the accomplished form and other papers to the department via mail for processing.
  • Wait for the copies to be sent to you. Usually, this could take anywhere between three to ten days.

Butte County Marriage License Records

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