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Butler County Marriage Records

Both the marriage license and the Butler County marriage records are obtainable at the probate court as per mandate of the laws in Ohio. Hence, the local residents should do transactions only before this government agency in the effort to get authentic documents related to marital reports. However, it cannot be made public only until it reaches 50 years and above in the repository. If it’s earlier than that then as a requestor you will have to undergo certain steps to acquire the said legal reports. You are able to get files as old as the 1803 records up to these days; thus, you surely get something valuable out of doing the search.

The specific office concerned is called the Butler County Records Center, so just go to this office and process your request. The first thing you do is determine as to whether or not you are allowed to do the request marriage records Butler County. Main basis for that is if you are a legitimate citizen in Butler. If you are not then you have no right to apply for it, you could be put to jail if you insist of doing so. If you are eligible then you go ahead and ask for a copy of the records request form. This form can also be downloaded from home through the official webpage of the probate court.

County Marriage Records Butler

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The application needs to be filled out completely as it is going to be the basis for the search. It contains all the necessary information about the subject and the details of the requesting party. The more information you can provide the more facts you will get to generate about the individual. If you are not very sure of the marriage date, you just state the approximate year when the wedding took place and the staff will search it for you. But in case you only have little data about the person of interest then you should seek assistance from the staff and ask them to do extra searches for you for an extra fee.

The regular fee to obtain a copy of a certified marriage record is $2.00, but this rate could change by the time you needed one. Hence, it is imperative that you call the office concerned to verify as to whether or not they made changes to their service charge. The same thing for the Butler County marriage license records, you pay for the same amount and go through similar steps to eventually produce a copy of it.

But at present you no longer have to do all the paper requirements for the search on State of Ohio marriage records can now be done digitally. Yes, it is now paperless which is a big development on the part of those who are doing the records search. This modern tool is very handy in the sense that it can be accomplished wherever you want provided that there is access to the Internet. So, the local residents in Butler now have the choice as to whether they want it done over the web or do the manual paper work at a government agency.

Marriage Records Butler County
How to obtain a marriage record in Butler:

  • Go to the county probate court to begin doing the search
  • Ask for a copy of the records request form, make sure to fill it out completely
  • If you are to send your request via mail you include a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with the required fee
  • The fee is $2.00 per document payable using money order or certified check
  • You have to present at least one valid ID showing your signature and your current photo
  • Processing time would be 2 to 3 weeks

Butler County Marriage License Records

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