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Broome County Marriage Records

The Broome County marriage records are housed locally, specifically at the city or municipal office where the marriage license was issued to the couple. Such records are either used for genealogical purposes or for court and investigation uses. There is a huge database on marriage reports in Broome. As a matter of fact, they began archiving such files since 1881 up to the present day. If you are going to use it for researches only the local records office will not ask you to pay for it. But if the documents are to be utilized for commercial or court trial uses then you must pay for the service fee as per the requirement of the law.

Today, they even widen the locations where the marriage records Broome County can be traced up. They are now available at certain villages as well so that far-flung people do not have to travel all the way to the records office. But if you want more data about the marital record then you can visit the New York State Vital Records office. However, just a heads to anyone who are after of the record that not all certificates are offered at all locations. So, it is safer that you make a call first to the clerk’s office and ask if you are able to request the information which you would like to retrieve.

County Marriage Records Broome

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Broome County marriage license records are only obtainable if they are 50 years or more in the records library already. Anybody can do the search if that is the case. However, if it’s less than that then you will have to follow through certain protocols, which means you will have to comply with all the paper work and everything. The city allows two ways of conducting the search. It is either through walk-in or by mail that you get to do the official request. There must be a written request to be procured and the form has to be completed in its entirety including the following details; full names of both couples, dates of birth, date of marriage and the purpose why you are making such request.

The fee amounts to $22.00 per document which is going to be paid through cash, money order, or via the local bank check. To go through the procedure, you must secure some of your personal documents like a driver’s license, passport, company ID or any other government-issued ID. It must be current with your signature and photo in it in order to be accepted by the office staff. If you are going to submit it by mail you make sure that it is notarized, placed in a self-addressed, stamped envelope for security purposes.

With the advancement of computers and the technology today, these New York marriage records can be requested instantly by simply finding a reliable website which caters marital records retrieval services. It should be handy in the sense that you can do it at any time at home or wherever you may be for as long as you have access to the Internet. It’s a good venue or opportunity for those who urgently need such documents for whatever purposes they may serve.

Marriage Records Broome County
How to obtain the marriage records in Broome:

  • Visit the city clerk’s office or better yet the village where the marriage license was issued
  • The fee to obtain a fee is $22.00 per document payable through cash, money or through a local bank check
  • Other fees are viewable online
  • If you are to request it via mail then you have to place it in a self-addressed, stamped envelope before sending it to the clerk’s office
  • 50 year old and beyond can be ordered for free-of-charge. Less than that can be obtained for a fee and must go through all the formalities required in the government offices
  • The requests are usually completed in 2 to 3 weeks’ time provided that there is no problem along the way

Broome County Marriage License Records

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