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Bronx County Marriage Records

Bronx County marriage records are available during the regular working hours at the County Clerk’s office. The law mandates the said office to be always accommodating to any request in relation to the marital documents of the people who got married in the county. The only key to obtain such reports would be that the requestor has a valid reason to apply for such records and that he or she meets the requirements needed by the office. To cater such services to those who are far from the office, a mail request option would be the solution for them so that they will no longer have to make a trip all the way to the clerk’s office.

Many have questioned if those records that are 50 years older can still be retrieved today. Well, thanks to the diligence of the previous administrations for they were able to document the Marriage Records Bronx County since 1930. And since it is too old a record already, it has become a public record which means anybody will get the opportunity to view it for some reason. Not like a regular marriage record where one had to go through all the formalities just to obtain a copy of it. If you are interested to grab a copy from these old records then you can do it via mail request or better yet visit the Record Room Division and pay $30.00 for each copy.

County Marriage Records Bronx

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On another note, those that are less than 50 years old can be retrieved if you comply with one of the following conditions. You must be one of the spouses; you must have a written request and have it notarized at a certain attorney’s office, if you are the legal representative of the requestor, if both spouses are deceased and you are able to show the death certificates or if you have consent from the court. Just pick one of the criteria which you should at least comply or obtain in order for you to be able to move forward with the search on Bronx County Marriage License Records.

Even the owner of the record will have to go through the necessary steps but very minimal though compared to those who are requesting the records of other individuals. If a spouse wants a copy of it he or she must show proper identification and pay the appropriate fee. Also, an application form has to be filled out completely and must provide the details about their wedding specially the location of the office where the marriage license was issued upon. These are important pieces of information which a spouse must supply, or else the office concerned will not go ahead in processing your request.

Hence, there are three key elements to acquiring a copy of the NY marriage records, first the requestor must be a legitimate citizen in Bronx, second, the requestor must fill-out the records request form completely and third, the requestor should be able to justify why he or she is request for such legal information. It is quite a lengthy procedure if you go through this manual approach. Today, the Internet makes the search very possible too without going to a records office anymore. The trick is to find a trustworthy site which would assist you in providing the useful data on someone’s marital reports.

Marriage Records Bronx County
How to obtain a marriage report in Bronx:

  • Visit Bronx Clerk Office to ask questions regarding the marriage documents
  • The fee to obtain a copy of it would be $30.00 per document
  • Personal documents are necessary so that you will be recognized as a legal citizen in Bronx. It includes your passport, driver’s license, social security number, company identification and whatever ID you have with your current photo
  • The request can be done via in-person or through mail if your location is too far from the Clerk’s office
  • You may obtain records from 1930 archives up to present, visit the Record Room Division for the aged marriage documents
  • Processing of your request usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to complete

Bronx County Marriage License Records

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