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Bexar County Marriage Records

Scrutinizing one’s criminal history is already a standard procedure these days. In the light of delving into the shady past of anyone in question, records are reviewed. Good thing that Texas also upholds the principle of having an informed citizenry. This means that because they do, like other states in America, they also follow the Public Records Law. Such statute entitles every constituent in the Lone Star State to access, review and even make a copy of any documents or files contained in the state’s public archives. Basically, this means that all registers created, kept or maintained by the Texas’ governmental bodies are subject to the Open Records Act, now known as the Public Records Law.

Digging into anyone’s past is now easy given this. Simply know his or her personal details such as the person’s complete legal name, date of birth or approximate age, physical or mailing address, and if available, the social security number. With such information, you are good to go. You can already request for any documents you need so long as the procurement protocol is strictly adhered to. The Texas’ government has ensured that documents concerning important events that transpired within the Lone Star State are properly kept and maintained; thus it has tapped several government agencies to take such responsibility and to assist individuals from the general public should they wish to access these legal documents for whatsoever licit purposes.

Marriage Records Bexar County

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Vital records are among the state’s public archives. These are subject to the Public Records Law which implies that they too can be accessed by anyone from the public who wishes to. Such important documents are housed in the Texas Department of State Health Services particularly in the Bureau of Vital Records. If you wish to get a hold of them, the latter is the best office to pay a visit to. However, some documents, especially certified copies of such, are not available here. Bexar County marriage records, for instance, can only be procured through the Bexar County Clerk’s Office. The state office only provides index searches and issues verification letters about marriages that transpired within Texas State since 1966; hence requests for marriage registers in Bexar County are best addressed locally at the County Clerk.

Every transaction requires a fee; this also applies to public record requests. For every copy of a Bexar County marriage record, a payment of $20.00 is requisite. A marriage license, on the other hand, costs $1.00 per page. For a certified copy of this file, just add $5 to that. To start your search, first secure a copy of an application form or a ‘request to access’ form. This can be downloaded online from the Office of the County Clerk’s website or secured personally from the office. The form has to be completed with the following information: complete names of the groom and bride, date and county where the matrimonial bond was made, and the county where they got their license to wed. As the person appealing for the document, please also provide your name, address and your phone number.

Record information management today has been practically made easier through the latest technological innovations. With the birth of computers and most especially the Internet, keeping records, dispensing and retrieving them is already a piece of cake. Simply secure any smart device, a computer for instance, and a stable Internet connection and you are good to go. Through such modern marvel, retrieving public marriage records Texas is easy peasy; not to mention the joyous amounts of time, effort and money you get to save when you choose to do such transaction the modern way.

Marriage Records Bexar County
Procuring a copy of any marriage record in Bexar County Texas can be done by following the instructions outlined below:

  • Download the Application for Copy of Document from the Orange County Clerk’s online portal
  • To get a marriage verification letter, visit
  • the Texas Department of Health then fill it out with all the necessary details asked
  • Provide the complete names of the groom and bride, the date and county where they tied the knot, and the county where they got the license
  • As the requester, provide your personal details as well. These include your full name, address, and your phone number where you can be reached at
  • Please specify your relationship to the subjects and the reason for such request
  • Indicate how many copies you want to get and prepare a fee of $20 for each copy. Such fee applies for the search itself, thus it is non-refundable

Bexar County Marriage License Records

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