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Belmont County Marriage Records

Only the County Probate Court shall have the authority over the Belmont County marriage records. They are commissioned to make some guidelines while administering over these legal documents. The laws in Ohio gave them the responsibility to regularly update such reports for the benefit of all people, may it be for government use, private use and for the consumption even by the ordinary citizens in Belmont, Ohio. Everyone actually has the right over these legal files provided that all requestors will abide to all the rules and regulations imposed by the records management.

Marriage records Belmont County can only be traced from the same office where the marriage license was issued. Hence, in the first place you should know where the license was released so that you will know as to which county you should be checking on for a person’s marital records. A marriage is only performed by an ordained minister who is registered with the State of Ohio. It could be a judge, mayor or a church minister. They will be the ones who will document your marriage and forward the papers to the Probate Court to be sealed and compiled upon.

County Marriage Records Belmont

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Now, only the court can provide you a certified copy of your marriage record or also known as your marriage certificate. The fee to claim it would be $3.00 per copy and you can only pay for it using cash, check or money order. As a normal approach, requestors can either do mail applications or walk-in applications. If you do it by mail you must provide your complete name, date of marriage, a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with a certified check or money for each of your request. Belmont County marriage license records should be processed in 2 to 3 weeks’ time; it could be faster than that if there are no issues along the way.

Here are some of the requirements which you need to comply in order to get the records you need. You need to at least present one of the following identifications; a valid driver’s license, State ID, birth certificate and a social security card. In case you don’t have any of the mentioned IDs, then you must should any document which has your current address and your photo. A utility bill will do for as long as the date printed on it is current. If you don’t know the exact date of marriage, you just have to provide the approximate year when it took place. If you don’t have that information then you ask for assistance from the staff and pay for the extra service that you ask them to do.

Public marriage records Ohio are within your reach at present with the availability of computers and the Internet. The trick is to look out for a trustworthy online records repository, pay for the service fee and obtain the information in no time. Yes, the turn-around time is so quick that you don’t have to wait for days or weeks anymore since all you need to do is type in the basic information of the subject and print the results in just a few minutes.

Marriage Records Belmont County
How to get copies of Belmont marriage records:

  • Visit the Probate Court and ask for the details on how to do the search
  • As of late, they only allow mail or walk-in request
  • Mail requests are done by stating the complete names of the couple, date of marriage and include self-addressed, stamped return envelope
  • The cost to get a copy is $3.00 per document which is payable through cash, check or money order
  • Also, forms should be filled out completely because it carries the vital information to get the search going, without it the request cannot be processed
  • Processing time could take 2 to 3 business weeks

Belmont County Marriage License Records

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