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Auglaize County Marriage Records

Auglaize County marriage records can be requested at any time during business hours at the County Probate Court’s office. The same records are also available at other agencies but they cannot issue a certified copy like the ones released by the court. However, individuals can still make use of the information for genealogical research purposes. These other records offices are the Auglaize Public Library and the Genealogical Society group in the county. So, as a requestor you should know what you are going to use the documents for so that you will know which office you should be going to.

To get a certified copy of the marriage records Auglaize County, you will need to pay $3.00 or more if you wanted to have more copies of the same record. You can either do the request by mail or in-person. There are only two details important to get the search going; first the names at the time of marriage and the marriage date. You need to prepare a written request to move forward in order for your application to appear formal and legitimate. Payment is made through cash, check or money order made payable to the Probate Court. If you submit it by mail, you need to include a self-addressed, stamped return envelope.

County Marriage Records Auglaize

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The form is a significant part of the whole process, a standard copy of it can be obtained by personally visit the office concerned or download it right away through the court’s official webpage. These Auglaize County marriage license records are technically made available in Ohio with the objective to become transparent with the people in terms of vital or public records. Marital records could sound a very confidential document, but if the need to acquire such records arises the court will always give legal consent for anybody to use it for a moral cause.

Marriage records in the said county range from the 18th century up to present, which means that you definitely get to have ample of data to pull-up. You only need to establish that you are a legitimate citizen in Auglaize by providing them at least one copy of valid identification. These identifications could include a driver’s license, passport, military ID, social security card or any other files which show your current photo and signature. A utility bill will be accepted if in case you don’t have any identification that you can present for as long as it is a current bill.

With the rise of modern technology today, Ohio marriage license records are obtainable in just a few clicks on your computer. Just type in the information of the person of interest, pay for the service fee and get the legal data you need in just a few minutes. It is a good alternative for those who are in hurry of getting the said documents since there will be no paper requirements needed to move forward with your application. All you need to do is locate a reputable online records source and contact them for your request.

Marriage Records Auglaize County
How to get copies of marriage records in Auglaize:

  • The Probate Court is the central repository for the marital records in Auglaize
  • Fill out a form to get started with your request
  • The fee to get a certified copy of it is $3.00 per document, plus an amount of $.50 for every extra copy
  • Present a valid ID before the court when doing the request
  • Processing time is 2 to 3 weeks

Auglaize County Marriage License Records

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