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Athens County Marriage Records

The Probate Court and the Municipal Court have worked hand in hand with the object to become transparent in the effort to provide the legal information to people. In other words, the Athens County marriage records can be obtain at any time during business hours following the laws and guidelines implemented in the county. The Municipal Court requires only two things from the requesting party; they include the name and the case number of the person of interest. The process done at the Probate Court is more structured and kind of long as you need to go through the steps and everything.

This Probate Division handles recent copies of the said marital reports, if you wanted to dig into older records you can go to the County’s Local Public Library where reports from 1805 to 1913 are archived. However, these are not certified copies of marriage records for the certified ones are only documented and issued at the probate court. But if you are just going to use it for genealogical research then these records at the public library would be a great resource. Marriage records Athens County can be obtained only if you adhere to the rules and regulations of the state and county.

County Marriage Records Athens

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The cost per page is $2.00 plus $1.00 if you want it certified for a legal purpose. However, note that this rate could change over time, hence you must contact the office to ask if the rates remain the same or not. Both the marriage certificates and the Athens County marriage license records are retrievable at the probate court. You only need to be specific when you do the request so that the staff will know exactly what they are going to look for. There will be a records request form which you can have by dropping by the office or simply download it via the court’s office webpage.

A requesting party only needs to be a legal citizen in Athens, Ohio. If not, then it is impossible for you to obtain a copy of it. If you insist, authorities will question you and worst case scenario you will be put behind bars. So, you need to keep it clean by obeying to the existing laws and statutes in Ohio or else you are going to put your life or your freedom at stake. If indeed you are a legal resident in Athens then you must provide proofs like a driver’s license, passport, military ID, social security car and other paper documents which show your current photo and your notarized signature.

As time goes by, technology has also emerged to be developing and discovering more things that make people’s jobs even more handy and hassle-free. Today, requesting for the marriage records Ohio now becomes paperless with the aid of computers and the Internet. And yes, this is completely legal, nothing wrong about doing the search on your own through a trusted website which offers you the right service that you need. In this case, all you need to do is type in the basic details of the subject and pay for the service rendered to you. It will be that quick, truth can be known in only a few minutes.

Marriage Records Athens County
How to obtain a copy of marriage record in Athens:

  • The probate and municipal courts can provide you copies of marital records
  • The fee would be $2.00 per document, make it $3.00 if you would like a certified copy of it
  • Form can be downloaded through the court’s office website or can be picked up at the office itself
  • Just present a valid ID, at least one ID from the following; driver’s license, passport, military ID, social security number and other government-issued ID
  • You can go to a local public library but the information you can get there is for genealogical research purposes only
  • Results are delivered in 2 to 3 weeks’ time

Athens County Marriage License Records

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  • County Genealogy
  • Clerk of Courts
  • Health Department
  • Public Library
  • County Recorder
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