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Ashland County Marriage Records

The Probate Court in Ashland County has been commissioned to be the official database for the Ashland County marriage records. They have started compiling the said documents for many years with the objective to provide the current and the future generations of people the legal information that they need for any legitimate uses. The Ohio law allows every citizen in Ashland to place a request provided that the requestor will go through all the necessary steps and comply with all the vital requirements in search for the marital reports.

Marriage records Ashland County can be obtained in through other local offices in Ashland. Individuals can go to a public library, historical society and other organizations which are very particular with the vital records. However, the complete data on the said records can only be found at the Probate Division as mandated by law. As a requestor, the first thing you do is find out the date of marriage and the complete names of the groom and the bride. If you can’t remember the exact date you can give the approximate date maybe just the year when the wedding took place. The staff should be able to trace up the document going back to that year.

County Marriage Records Ashland

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The fee to earn a certified copy of marital report is $1.00 per document. If you are to ask for more copies then you will have to pay $.50 per page. Payment will be made using check or money order, other mode of payment will not be honored as per the decision of the records management office. The documents can only be requested via mail or through walk-in service, other than that will not be accommodated. The Ashland County marriage license records should be within your reach as the local government makes it a point for the records to be very accessible to the general public at all times.

As a requesting party, you should be able to identify yourself as legal citizen in Ashland for you to become eligible to perform the request. You may present at least one of the following identifications including a passport, social security card, driver’s license military ID, and the other government-issued ID which shows your present photo and your notarized signature. Also, if you are requesting for a record that is not yours you should ask permission from the owner or get a legal consent from the officiating court. Doing the steps should get you much closer to the official documents that you are seeking to obtain.

Luckily, the Ohio marriage records are no longer difficult to obtain these days for they can be generated in only a few clicks using computers and the Internet. It is meant for those who are in a rush to acquiring the said records for a very valuable purpose. With this modern approach, the usual paperwork can this time be eliminated for the process now becomes digitalized. Plus, you no longer have to worry about complying for the paper requirements and everything. It is your choice now as to whether you explore this new digital method or opt to go through the traditional process.

Marriage Records Ashland County
How to get a copy of marriage record in Ashland:

  • Ashland Probate Court is the only place where you can request for the marital reports
  • The fee to have one is $1.00 per document plus $.50 if you would want more copies of it
  • It can only be paid using check or money
  • You should be able to present at least one valid ID among the following; military ID, passport, driver’s license, social security card, company ID and other government-issued ID
  • When send the request by mail you must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope and have it notarized prior to mailing it to the
  • Probate Court’s office
  • Turn-around time will be 2 to 3 weeks

Ashland County Marriage License Records

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