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Alpine County Marriage Records

It is undeniable that one of the best moments in the life of a person would probably be the day that he or she is married, but one must take into consideration that any person could not just get married. Marriage is a ceremony that involves the intervention of the government, and because the government is involved, there must be some sort of record of the event. In Alpine County, these records are collectively referred to as Alpine County Marriage Records.

Marriage Records Alpine County are available from a number of sources because they are supposed to be public records, though note that in the state of California, there are two kinds of records pertaining to marriage, and these are informational copies and certified copies. There are inherent limitations in both, with informational copies being unable to be used for any official purposes, while certified copies are only available to those who were party to the marriage or are authorized by those who were.

County Marriage Records Alpine

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The first place where Alpine County Marriage License Records may be obtained would be at the local level, and this would be the office of the clerk-recorder of Alpine County. There are two procedures that could be used here, with a third, an online request, being developed for future use. The two methods that could be used by the searcher at this level would be requesting for the records through mail or in person. Requesting for the records through mail would require the submission of an application form, and the same is available from the website of the clerk. Note that for certified copies, the form should be accompanied by a notarized sworn statement the format of which is indicated in the form. Both requests must also be accompanied by a money order to correspond to the required fee of fourteen dollars per certificate. Requests in person would require the searcher to head to the office of the clerk-recorder and to personally ask for the information there. Although this would only require the searcher to bring a valid government issued identification card, this could be inefficient because the searcher may be forced to wait at the office until the records are located, a feat given the sheer volume of records that must be checked.

Marriage Records California may also be obtained at the state level, and this would be through the California Department of Public Health. Note that in this department, the only procedure would be through mail because the department has no office. The form to be used in making the request is not only available at the website of the department, but could also be used when requesting at the local level. Note, however, that the forms for a certified copy and informational copy are not the same. In all other respects, the requirements are the same such that certified copies are supposed to be accompanied by a notarized sworn statement. The required fee is also fourteen dollars and should accompany the request form in the form of a money order payable to the department.
Of course, it is possible to search for the records that would be required online through the use of online databases. It is conceded that the government online databases are still not running at full, but there are a number of privately owned and maintained databases that would be of great assistance. Because of the nature of the internet, these databases could be used from the home of the user and are actually faster and more efficient. In addition, most of these databases provide their services for free.

Marriage Records Alpine County
When requesting for marriage records at the local level, this is the procedure to follow

  • Decide first if you want to request through mail or in person
  • If you decide to request for the records in person
    • Head over to the office of the recorder-clerk
    • Make sure that you have a government-issued identification card with you.
    • Request for the records from a clerk of the office.
    • You would be given a form which you would be asked to fill up. Indicate in the form whether you are requesting for a certified copy or an informational copy.
    • Submit the form. If you are requesting for a certified copy, you would be asked to make a sworn statement right there and then
    • The clerk would process the form you had given and would ask you to pay the required fee if everything is in order.
    • Wait for the record to be made available to you.
  • If you decide to search or the records through mail
    • Download the relevant form from the website of the clerk-recorder
    • Accomplish the form, indicating therein if you are requesting for a certified copy or an informational copy.
    • If you are requesting for a certified copy, attach a notarized sworn statement to that effect on the form.
    • Once the form is complete, attach a money order to correspond to the required fee.
    • Send the completed request form to the office of the clerk-recorder
    • Wait for the records.

Alpine County Marriage License Records

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