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Allen County Marriage Records

The Probate Court which is supervised by the County has the authority over the Allen County marriage records. He or she will have the final say on the requests being submitted by the local residents in the county. But, everyone must take note that it is their legal right to place a formal application on such records more especially if the owners of it are the ones seeking for a certified or an official copy of it. The law in Ohio allows anybody to make a request and therefore nobody is deprived to do so provided the he or she does all the necessary requirements implemented in Allen.

The staff in the said court will be able to accommodate and issue thousands of marriage records Allen County for the office has started compiling for the said reports since 1831 up to present. The documents were compiles in different formats including microfilms, newspaper clippings, paper files and lately through the computerized databases. The way they were archived has improved through time because of the availability of modern technology nowadays. But then again, the traditional process of doing the request is still possible at present for some people are more comfortable of doing it than using the computers today.

County Marriage Records Allen

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To request for copies of Allen County marriage license records, one must be totally aware of the guidelines, policies and everything in the act of pursuing them. First, you need to find out if you are qualified to do the request, you need to determine as to whether or not you are a legitimate citizen in the county. To do so, you must have at least one valid ID to prove your legal residency. These identifications include a driver’s license, passport, military ID, social security card, or any government-issued ID with your present photo and signature. Once you have that, you should be a few steps away from getting the records you are looking forward to have.

To initiate the request, you must seek for a copy of the records application form which you can download right through the probate court’s website or pick it up at the court itself in person. The form has to be completed in its entirety; otherwise, the staff will not process your request. Every single detail on the form is important, thus it should be provided. If you don’t have enough facts with you about the person of interest then you must seek help from the office staff. But in this case you will need to pay for an extra fee for the extra time that you asked them to do the search.

The fee to obtain a certified copy of it is $2.00 per document plus $.50 if you are going to need more copies of the same record. If you do the request by mail you just include a self-addressed, stamped envelope and have it notarized before mailing to the exact address of the County Probate Court. But you can skip all these processes nowadays for an online records provided has come to make your searches more digitalized and paperless. The State of Ohio marriage records would come to you in a more hassle-free manner without doing all the typical procedures usually done at the local agencies.

Marriage Records Allen County
How to get a copy of marriage record in Allen:

  • Visit the Allen Probate Court’s office to transact your business
  • Marriage records in the county started in 1831 up to present
  • The fee to get a copy of it is $2.00 for each document and $.50 for each extra copy
  • Download the request form and complete it in its entirety
  • Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope, have it notarized and mail it to the Probate Court along with the required amount of money
  • Present at least one valid ID to prove that you are a legitimate citizen in Allen, Ohio
  • Turn-around time is usually 2 to 3 business weeks

Allen County Marriage License Records

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