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Albany County Marriage Records

The Albany County marriage records are in good hands of the County Clerk under the particular custody of the Genealogy Section which is primarily in-charge in family research and all the compilations of County Hall of Records. So, this is the central repository for marital reports where individuals should be going in pursuit of the said legal records. The staff members appear to be will trained when it comes to receiving the records requests from the public and the office aims that results are going to be delivered at the soonest possible time for public usage.

To apply for the marriage records Albany County, the requesting party is only permitted to do it by mail or in person. For mail requests, you will have to pay $20.00 for each hour of search. You get to save more amount of money if you just do it in person, costing you $0.50 only per page. But that amount is only for the information which will be used for genealogical purposes only. However, if you wanted to grab a certified copy then you will have to pay $4.00 per document. Today, the prices could have changed already, thus, it is better if you contact the clerk’s office to see if rates are still the same or if they have made adjustments already.

County Marriage Records Albany

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Albany County marriage license records are available since 1870 up to present. Hence, you get to gather ample of records if you want to. These records are technically index by the bride’s name and records bride’s name, groom’s name, date of marriage, job of the couple, and the complete names of the parents of both bride and groom. The file also states which church the wedding took place, who officiated the ceremony, the date and location where the program was held. These are all the pieces of information you are going to get out of the marital reports.

So, as a requestor you must validate if the marriage was indeed held in Albany. Otherwise, if it is outside the county then you will have to contact the municipality where the records may have been filed. Once you verify that it actually happened in Albany then you ask for the application form and fill it out completely. You must not leave anything in blank. If there are important details which you don’t know then you must inform the staff and have them look it up for you, however, you are going to pay them for the extra time you asked them to do some searches.

More so, you need to show some documents that you are a legitimate resident in the county, or else the office staff will not allow you to go ahead with your request. You need to present government-issued ID like a driver’s license, passport, social security and other identification which contains your signature and current photo. But, with the development of modern technology these days, you don’t have to go through all these paper work at all because it now becomes paperless with the aid of a digital records provider on NY Marriage Records. In this case, you only have to pay for a reasonable fee to get the legal information you need.

Marriage Records Albany County
How to get copies of marriage records in Albany:

  • Visit the County Clerk’s office specifically the Hall of Records Section
  • Procure a copy of the request form and fill it out in its entirety. You can actually download it too through the clerk’s website
  • Pay $20.00 for each document when requested via mail while you pay only $4.00 for each certified copy if you do it in person
  • You got ample of records to search on since the county started to do the documentation since 1870
  • Present government-issued identification so you can go ahead with the process
  • Turn-around time usually takes 2 to 3 weeks provided that there are no issues along the way

Albany County Marriage License Records

To learn more about how to search for Albany marriage records you may just read on the following sources:

  • County Clerk
  • Ancestry
  • Department of Health
  • State Library
  • State Archives
  • Genealogical Society
  • Family Search
  • National Archives