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Alaska Marriage Records

Alaska is an open record state but there is a catch, in some cases. Alaska restricts access of vital records including birth, death, divorce and marriage for 50 years after any given event occurred. Thus, for example, if a marriage occurred within the last 50 years only the bride or groom have direct access. Alternatively, other parties can request any given record but they must include a letter or document from an office or agency which requires a copy of the record. Luckily, provided an individual meet these requirements, going about obtaining vital records in Alaska is quite simple.

This simplicity is brought about by the fact that the the Alaskan Health & Social Services Bureau of Vital Statistics maintains and issues all such records. This negates any hassle associated with seeking out the appropriate parties in various counties as is the case with other states. While Alaska Marriage Records are restricted for the first 50 years, the Bureau of Vital Statistics maintains such records dating back to January 1913.

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There are several different ways of requesting Alaska Marriage Records from the Bureau of Vital Statistics. These methods include in-person, through the mail, and via fax. All of these methods call for the same types of fees and necessary information. Such fees include a $25 non-refundable initial fee, $20 for each additional copy and $11 should an individual opt for expedited processing. Wait times include 2-3 weeks for mailed-in requests, same day service for walk-in requests, and 3 business days for expedited faxed requests.

Upon assessing the associated fees and wait times, individuals are then asked to fill out and submit an application by way of their preferred method. The information called for on this application includes, but is not limited to, the names of the bride and groom, the date on which the marriage occurred and the location of the marriage. Individuals requesting Alaska Marriage Records are also asked to provide their name, address, phone number and the reason for which they are requesting the records.

Bureau of Vital Statistics contact info:
Bureau of Health and Social Services
Bureau of Vital Statistics
5441 Commercial Blvd.
Juneau, AK 99801

Phone: (907) 465-3391
Fax: (907) 465-3618

Alaska Marriage License Public Records

Alaska, like many other states, maintains a central database of Marriage Records at the Bureau of Vital Statistics. Due to this, it’s quite simple for individuals to request and obtain any given Alaska Marriage Record. However, due to the wait times associated with many methods of obtaining such records, it may be cumbersome for many. Luckily, thanks to the emergence of the Internet, much of that wait can be eliminated. Online service providers have appeared to accept requests 24/7 all while returning results very quickly. Backed by a full-refund guarantee, obtaining an Alaska Marriage Record has never been faster or easier. Give one a try here. Order a professional Marriage Records Search with Archives today!