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Napa County Marriage Records

At first glance, it is not easy to see why governments keep a registry of records known as Napa County Marriage Records. After all, after a couple had obtained their marriage license and had registered their marriage government intervention was supposed to be the end and the new couple should live their new lives together in peace and harmony. The reasons that governments keep the records, however, are many, and one of the reasons is because these records certify that the marriage exists or existed in the first place. From this marriage, rights and obligations flow, and the government is interested in regulating that.

As they are public records, Marriage Records Napa County are supposed to be available to the public in general. However, this is only true when it comes to informational copies, as certified copies are restricted to persons identified in an exclusive list as provided for by the law. The general public would have to content themselves with informational copies, but both informational copies and certified copies provide just the same information, it is just that informational copies could only be used to obtain the information and nothing else, unlike certified copies that could then be used in official proceedings.

County Marriage Records Napa

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One of the places where Napa County Marriage License Records may be obtained would be the office of the recorder. A request at this venue would first require the searcher to download the relevant application form from the website of the clerk-recorder. Note that because there is only one form, the same would be used for both informational and certified copies, so the searcher should indicate in the form what type of record he or she is requesting for. Note further that requests for certified copies would require that the form be notarized. Note finally, that requests for certified copies would also require the searcher to attach a sworn statement with the application form, duly notarized and attested to. Once the form and all other formal requisites are complied with, the next step would be for the searcher to make a money order or check to answer for the required fee. Each copy would cost fifteen dollars, and only one money order or check is required in cases where there are multiple requests.

Another source of California Marriage Records would be the state level departments, in particular, the California Department of Public Health. A request for records at this level would first require the searcher to download the relevant form from the website of the department. Note that there are two available forms here, one for requests for certified copies and the other for informational copies. As with the local level searches, requests for certified copies would require that the searcher have the form notarized and a sworn statement attached thereto. Once accomplished, the searcher should then attach a check or money order to the application form, this to answer for the required fee which is fifteen dollars per record. The final step would be to send the form to the department for processing.

For those who require the records as fast as possible, the best method would probably be to search for the records online. There are a number of online databases that would be of great assistance when it comes to this. Numerous enough that searching for them is as easy as one internet search, these databases require only the most basic knowledge of internet searches in order to use. They are faster and more efficient than manual searches, and a great many of them do not charge anything for the use of their systems. In addition, they could be used from the home of the user.

Marriage Records Napa County
Make sure to follow the procedure given below when requesting for records at the state level departments

  • Visit the website of the California Department of Public Health and download the relevant form
  • Note that there are two forms, so make sure that you download the correct one.
  • Fill up the application form, complying with all the formal requisites as may be required by the request type you are making.
  • Determine your required fee and make a money order to correspond to the same.
  • Attach the money order or check to the application form.
  • Send all requirements to the department for processing.

Napa County Marriage License Records

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